[PLANNED] Proxy analytics

User feedback:

As for stats, seeing connection counts over time (to determine if we need more proxies), timings (although we can do that ourselves) & bandwidth usage.

June 20 / Ability to reboot device and IPv6 improvements

🍕 Added

  • "Reboot Proxy" endpoint to Illusory API. You can reboot your device programmatically while receiving a new IP at the same time.
  • New IP propagation upon reboot device
  • Tigger online webhook upon reboot device

🦿 Improved

  • You can now use IPv6 with online status webhook
  • Implemented blacklisting system when users attempt to connect to proxies they do not own

Massive: Switched to Google Cloud & PostgreSQL Infrastructure, API v2, Dashboard v3.1, Instant Proxy Deployment & More

May and June of 2021 have been busy. We're excited to announce an even better Illusory has come from it.

Switched to Google Cloud & PostgreSQL Infrastructure

To address our unforeseen demand and technical incompetencies―we've switched our entire infrastructure once again; this time, finding our true home with Google Cloud, hosting Postgre.

This has allowed us to render site features at blazing speeds and create a much more robust API.

API v2

We've revamped the API once again to provide a much better and fluid experience. Interactions happen at lightning speed. No more unique webhook auths. You'll use a real endpoint with your authorized key and email to perform actions.

Read more at our dev docs here.

Dashboard v3.1

With the new update―Illusory Dash loads 10x faster and performs actions insanely quick. In addition, we took feedback from users and rearranged some things on the dashboard.

Not only do proxy controls appear in an easier-to-access place, but we've also adjusted button styling, fixed horizontal scrollbar sizing, changed last IP change to human-readable format, and added an online status webhook trigger option; so you can get notified every time your proxy resets.

Instant Proxy Deployment

Some already know that we launched instant proxy deployment. You can now purchase proxies and gain access instantly, without any setup on our end required 🔥

Switch ISPs Seamlessly; No Charge

Not many know this, but you can also switch ISPs instantly, at no charge. We intend to add this into the API as well.

Can you imagine what this could do for your operations?

AT&T > Run ops > Switch to Verizon > Run ops > Repeat and die happily.

Hourly Plans

We recognize users may really only need a short test to determine if Illusory proxies will suit your use case. There are now $5, 1-hour plans that are perfect for evaluating.

New-New Community

I know this seems a little bipolar, but we weren't feeling discourse. So we moved to Circle. We're happy with the decision 😀 looking forward to hearing from you.


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[Transferred] New site & infrastructure, 5G proxies, superPort, T-Mobile, IPv6, API revamp + docs, updated pricing

Witness a new experience on illusory.io

With a refreshed look, comes a better infrastructure to support faster, better proxy management and processes.

Dashboard V3

Control and search all of your proxies from Illusory Dashboard. Additionally, change IPs, set auto-rotate settings, disable IPv4 (explained later), authorize users via IP whitelist, activate superPort (also explained later), and see current proxy connections and last IP change.

Illusory 5G

The first-ever commercial mobile proxies connecting you to 5G networks.

Illusory has invested heavily in the infrastructure, hardware, and locale R&D to support 5G and future developments of the technology. All devices operate on 5G-capable hardware, running the latest Snapdragon 888; all within 5G network 2 vicinities to capitalize on such connections.

What does 5G mean for Illusory users?

There are huge benefits to 5G in general. The primary plus for Illusory customers is improved latency, faster proxies, and early access to a better, more reliable proxy experience as the globe continues to develop and adopt the protocol.

Illusory superPort

superPort is a special feature of the Illusory platform. It allows you to forward HTTP & SOCKS5 requests through any proxy you specify, without having to change the proxy details in your application.

This allows you to set the superPort as your proxy within your application, but forward the requests through any of your proxies via Illusory Dashboard or API.

T-Mobile ISP

With the latest Sprint merger, T-Mobile proxies are more powerful than ever. We’ve now added T-Mobile to the Illusory family to join AT&T and Verizon.

IPv6 Only Feature

IPv6 + Illusory = 3+ nonillion IP addresses (a lot)

Illusory allows users to disable IPv4 entirely. This forces “supporting sites and apps” to identify you by your external IPv6 address only, rather than your IPv4. This is a huge benefit since there are 340 trillion trillion trillion (3+ nonillion) IPv6 addresses.

Here’s a great video 👇 explaining the main difference by Linus from 2014.

IPv4 vs IPv6

IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet Protocol.

The previous version, IPv4, uses a 32-bit addressing scheme to support 4.3 billion devices, which was thought to be enough. However, the growth of the internet, personal computers, smartphones and now Internet of Things devices proves that the world needed more addresses.

Fortunately, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) recognized this 20 years ago. In 1998 it created IPv6, which instead uses 128-bit addressing to support approximately 340 trillion trillion trillion. Instead of the IPv4 address method of four sets of one- to three-digit numbers, IPv6 uses eight groups of four hexadecimal digits, separated by colons.

What are the benefits of IPv6?

In its work, the IETF included enhancements to IPv6 compared with IPv4. The IPv6 protocol can handle packets more efficiently, improve performance and increase security. It enables internet service providers to reduce the size of their routing tables by making them more hierarchical.

Global IPv6 Adoption Statistics

Follow the stats directly via Google IPv6.

New API with Documentation

The new Illusory API is in public beta and available to all customers. You’ll be able to perform everything you can from your dashboard, straight through API. Documentation is included now as well. See API docs here.

Improved proxy deployment and restocking processes and timeframes

We now have the capacity and capabilities to fulfill the needs of our customers at a faster and larger rate.

New Pricing

With the implementation of new features and increased product development and support, our pricing is changing.
All customers get:
  • Access to a flexible proxy platform
  • 5G-Capable proxies
  • Multiple connection protocols
  • Full API access
  • Much more…
For a full list of features and ISP comparisons, visit https://illusory.io/#pricing

Illusory Community

We intend for this discourse forum to be the heart of our user’s needs, thoughts, ideas, feedback, and a good place for rich discussion. We’re looking forward to the continued growth of Illusory and for you to be a part of it.

Cheers 🍻